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What Landlords Need to Know:


FREE web-sites to both report and help screen new tenants:
I Screen Tenants .com and Bad Tenants List .net

Sites that report to the three credit reporting agencies are:
1) Mr Landlord .com - You don't have to be a member, and the cost is only $12.95
2) The LPA .com - Membership Required - Varying Levels
3) L2L2L - Landlord to Landlord - Membership Required

Please ensure responsible tenants: Report non-paying tenants to the three credit reporting agencies and make sure you're paid!


Before you say "yes" to pets - Check out this information about "Dangerous Dogs." You may be denied homeowners insurance or any claims resulting from any incidents involving what is considered to be a dangerous dog.

According to the Insurance Information Institute web-site, one question addressed this issue. It is as follows:

Q: Are Golden Retrievers on the top ten "bad dog" list? What are the worst dogs when it comes to biting?

A: The Golden Retriever is not in the "Top Ten"—the following, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, are the purebreds responsible for the greatest number of dog-bite-related fatalities from 1979 to 1998). The breeds are listed in declining order of fatalities:

Pit bull-type
German Shepherd
Doberman Pinscher
Chow Chow
Great Dane
Saint Bernard

Before deciding to buy a dog, here are some things to keep in mind:

Some insurers may charge higher premiums for certain breeds of dogs.

Consult with a professional (e.g., veterinarian, a responsible breeder) to find a suitable breed of dogs for your household.

Spend time with a dog before buying or adopting it. Use extreme caution when bringing a dog into the home of an infant or toddler.

Consider spaying/neutering your dog (this can reduce aggressive tendencies).

Do not play aggressive games with your dog.

Properly socialize and train any dog entering the household.

Immediately seek professional advice if the dog starts exhibiting aggressive or undesirable behaviors.

What Tenants need to know:

If you have just moved to a new apartment or you are new to the area?
Click here for Utility Company Information.



Current Rentals & Info:

Click Mass MLS Web-Site. Then, click the "Search for a Homes" link. From there, you have direct access to Toni's MLS account where you may search for all apartments currently on MLS. When you see an apartment that you'd like to visit, please remember to call Toni at 978.590.0479 to set up an appointment!

If you need help finding a suitable apartment, TradeMark Realty does it's own credit, employment, and background checks for each prospective tenant who works with us, and we provide the tenant's full application and completed report to the potential landlord. The completed report is generally good for three months. Therefore, please know that there is a non-refundable $50.00 per adult (over 18) application fee for all prospective tenants due prior to going out and viewing properties.


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