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990 Middlesex St. Re: Request for Variance Approval

First of all, please know this page is only available by typing, or copying, the entire URL:

Secondly, this page has been published and shared with area neighbors regarding the application from the owner of 990 Middlesex St., Kevin Tran, requesting a variance for one or both of his illegal driveways.

Thirdly, a picture show has been prepared for the Board of Appeals and area neighbors. This issue has been going on since Mr. Tran purchased this property in 2007. We have documented the illegal use, un-permitted efforts, damage to curbs, and continued use of illegal driveways causing hardship and limited neighborhood parking issues, loss of curbside appeal, and loss of property values in the neighborhood.

If you wish to attend the Variance Meeting, it will be held on Feb. 23rd, 2015 at Lowell City Hall, Council Chambers, at 6:30PM. We urge you to attend to help protect area parking for owners and tenants who live in this neighborhood, protect curb-appeal, and to help protect property values.



First Letter Sent 02/02/2015

February 10, 2015 To: Affected Property Owners 983, 984, 993, and 996 Middlesex St. Lowell, MA 01851 SUBJECT: Upcoming Variance Request Affecting Your Property on Middlesex St. I am writing on behalf of my mother, owner of 987 Middlesex St. Lowell, MA. Please know that my mother and I are planning to attend the Variance relief hearing to be held at City Council Chambers, Lowell City Hall, 2nd Floor, 375 Merrimack St. on February 9, 2015 at 6:30PM. This hearing is being held to discuss the applicant, Kevin Tran, non-owner occupant of 990 Middlesex St. and his request to obtain a variance for one, or both, of the illegal driveways he has created on his property. We will be expressing extreme opposition to the applicant’s request to approve one, or both, of his illegal driveways based on four reasons which also affect your property, your tenant’s ability to park, curb-appeal, and your property valuations. Specifically, the reasons are as follows: 1. An Approval would permanently negatively affect curb-side parking for tenants and visitors of neighboring properties. 2. An Approval would permanently negatively affect curb-side parking for area multi-families which also negatively affects neighboring property values. 3. An Approval would permanently negatively affect curb-appeal which also negatively affects neighboring property values. 4. An Approval would create further hazardous situations realized during these past snow storms which adds to the limited parking issues these illegal driveways have created. If you are at all interested in protecting curb-side parking for your tenants and visitors, or are interested in protecting your property values, we urge you to attend this hearing. In the interim, I will be preparing a packet of information with pictures for the Board’s consideration prior to their vote. Please know that there may be another snow storm on Monday, Feb. 9th. Therefore, I have contacted the Board of Appeals, and one person has shared his contact info in case the storm affects the planned meeting. For last minute updates, you may call or e-mail Joe Giniewicz at 978-674-1424. His e-mail address is My e-mail address is and my direct Cell is 978-590-0479. Once again, we urge you to attend this hearing to help protect curb-side parking and property values – including yours. Sincerely, Toni Nicholas Cell: 978-590-0479 E-mail:

Variance Hearing Letter 02/02/2015

First Letter sent to area neighbors - sent 02/02/2015. Please click the little printer with the red arrow:

Download Variance Hearing Ltr 02022015.pdf





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