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For those who may be new to Lowell MA, or if you just wish to read more about our city, this page will feature informative excerpts, news, events, and general information about the City of Lowell. More specifically, it will feature information about Lowell's rich history, its diverse culture, and its local happenings. Although the information here may be culled from a variety of sources, all sources of information will be acknowledged. The first major source that this author would like to acknowledge is the wonderful publication titled "Lowell's Special Places" provided by The Lowell Heritage Partnership (LHP). This publication consist of a variety of pamphlets, articles and a map of the city of Lowell MA, showing Lowell's major neighborhoods, and it was written by Barbara Palermo. See "Lowell's Special Places" below for an excerpt. If you wish to obtain more information about this publication, please call the LHP direct at 978-934-3107.

A Note About Lowell MA Real Estate

For those who wish to search available properties in the City of Lowell MA (and beyond), please visit our Massachusetts MLS web-site. There, you will be able to view properties or conduct a search of properties directly through our MLS site by clicking on the direct link MA MLS Web Site.

About Lowell's Special Places:

Lowell Massachusetts holds a special place in American history. The Industrial Revolution roared full force out of the textile mills and power canals of 19th Century Lowell. Before the factories made a great red brick line along the Merrimack River, this place at the junction of two rivers had been an important fishing ground for native peoples for centuries. In the 1820s, textile manufacturing put Lowell MA on the map. The mills drew workers from all over, first from farms and villages in the region, and then from countries around the world. The combined cultures made Lowell what it is today: a thriving city of more than 100,000 people - a place whose heritage is important enough to be preserved and told through the museums and rangers of Lowell National Historical Park; a city that is home to the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Middlesex Community College; a cultural hub with museums, performance centers, minor league sports, and restaurants of every kind; and a community whose neighborhoods each have special places to discover and a distinct character arising from the people who live here. Whether you live around the corner or across the country, we (the LHP) invite you to explore the city. (B. Palermo, Page 1)

Source: Palermo, Barbara. Published by the Lowell Heritage Partnership, Lowell, MA 01853

The brochure mentioned above is published by the LHP and is meant to encourage visitors to investigate the less well-known parts of the city after visiting the centerpiece historic district downtown.

City & State Ordinances:

Source: Brochure provided by the City of Lowell's Division of Neighborhood Services.

Did you Know...

According to City and/or State ordinances, you are required to comply with the following. Failure to comply can result in fines of $50-$100 each day that the violation persists*

Trash- must be stored in covered containers and can be put on the curb for collection no earlier than 5PM the day before pick up. Trash may be put on the curb in plastic bags that are tightly closed.

Graffiti- The City will remove Graffiti for free after owners sign a waiver form. Contact the Graffiti hotline to report Graffiti or to request Graffiti removal. The number for the Graffiti hotline is 978-970-4035.

Unregistered Vehicles - It is unlawful to have any unregistered vehicles on private or public property.

Litter & Debris - Property owners are responsible for keeping their
, the sidewalks, and four feet into the streets surrounding their home free of litter and debris. Property owners are also responsible for keeping all grass and shrubs on their property maintained by regular cutting and trimming.

(Personal side note - it is, therefore, unlawful for anyone to park vehicles, for lengthy periods of time or regularly, on city sidewalks too! Consequently, as a taxpayer, a pedestrian, or a parent of little pedestrian, you do have the right to call the police to have the vehicle towed and/or to notify that you have called a towing company, in order to help keep the City's sidewalks clear.

Televisions, computer monitors and appliances - are picked up curbside by appointment only. Visit LowellRecycle.org to arrange for pick up. For the safety of neighborhood children, please remember to remove the doors on the refrigerator before putting it out for collection. Do not put these items out for collection until the night before your scheduled collection appointment.

Hazardous Waste Recycling day and Curbside Tire Collection occurs twice a year. Please call 978-446-7277 for dates, location and additional information. (Side note - or, you may visit - http://www.lowellma.gov/depts/recycle/hazmat#3 for more information.)

Thank you in advance for improving your neighborhood and our community by complying with the above mentioned issues. If you have any questions, please contact the City of Lowell's Division of Neighborhood Services at 978-446-7243.

And, you may also visit Lowell's Web-site: http://www.lowellma.gov, for lots of information about this great City!





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